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        科勒(中國)電力系統(Purchasing Specialist)

        所在地區: 重慶

        所屬行業: 機械制造/機電/重工

        職位類別: 貿易/采購/物流/倉儲 > 采購員

        全職  2021年11月20日 
        3-5年  本科 


        1. Locate and maintain contact with a wide variety of material suppliers through personal interviews, supplier visits, telephone, Internet, and written correspondence.
        2. Request and review quotations for new and existing components.
        3. Consult with Engineering and Quality Assurance regarding specification / deviations; Recommend alternative material or methods based on knowledge of market availability.
        4. Follow-up orders to ensure proper handling and delivery.
        5. Working together with supplier, auditing its process and driving continuous improvement.
        6. Utilize problem solving techniques to evaluate rejections and effectively resolve disputes between departments / suppliers.
        7. Initiate and manage supplier’s process and cost improvement action plans based on Quality, Delivery and Cost initiatives.
        8. Analyze trade reports, journals, and periodicals regarding market trends and changes alerting appropriate personnel to potential or imminent problems/opportunities.

        Diploma in Engineering is required. Strong project management skills are needed;
        Especially those with specialized manufacturing or sourcing roles.
        3 years of related experience required, preferably from within a manufacturing environment.
        Knowledge of domestic and international purchasing procedures and terms and conditions is needed.
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